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Thursday, May 26, 2011

ABSA Commercial

A Baby Step Adoption recorded its first commerical that can be found on youtube.  It features Jen Sullivan (caseworker), Barbara Casey (director), a mother who adopted a child through our agency, and a birthmother. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Embryo and Surrogacy Adoptions Now Available at ABSA

          Aside from domestic adoptions, ABSA now offers embryo and surrogacy adoptions. Embryo adoption is an option for women or couples who would like to adopt but would also like to have the pregnancy experience. Once matched with an embryo donation family, 2-3 embryos are inserted into the uterus. There is a greater risk of multiple births with this option since there are generally 2-3 good quality embryos transferred at a time.
          This form of adoption allows for a woman or a couple to have the full pregnancy experience. This includes bonding with your baby before he/she is born, feeling the kicks in your belly, ultrasound visits, and the option to breastfeed once the baby is born.
          As in other adoption options, embryo adoptions can also be closed or open cases. There are also options for semi-open or semi-anonymous embryo adoptions. Regardless of which option is preferred, the adoptive parents are provided with information about the donors. This information includes; physical characteristics, ethnic background, education level, family medical history, and the state in which the donor resides.

For more information on embryo adoptions or donations visit the website of the National Embryo Donation Center at:  &